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Healing Session

Creating a meaningful and joyful life


Reiki is a hands-on technique, where the hands are placed on energy centers of the body.  There are many benefits including stress reduction and relaxation, as well as balancing the mind and emotions.

Transformational Massage

Massage combined with energy healing. The massage will go deeper, and you can reach a more calming state in your body, and mind.

Energy Work

Starting where you are and helping you balance, relax and let go. A combination of energy healing, massage, sound, and intuition. This session is not following any protocol, we work on everything that comes up for you in this time.


Application of pressure to specific points on the feet, which correlate to organs and areas. It can help to relieve, relax and release blockages.

Access Consciousness Bars

This is a gentle hands-on technique, during which a practitioner gently touches 32 points to release the electromagnetic charge of beliefs, thoughts, and ideas that might have limited you in the past.

Sophia Matrix

SophiaMatrix Technique is a manual deep treatment of the connective tissue, fascia, and lymphatic system.  With this, we can achieve more freedom in all areas, physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. Find more information here https://www.sophiahealth.de/index.php/sophiamatrix/


Yoga has vast opportunities. What we will do together is the practice of poses, breathing, and meditation.

Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki Distance Healing is a healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow. It can help to activate the natural healing processes in your body, as well as restoring physical and emotional well-being.